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About Caroga Arts Collective archive website

On an iPhone, this website is best viewed in landscape orientation. Note that browsers on Apple iOS do not correctly display certain text: Apple gets the font size wrong.

Excerpts from the August 17, 2012 concert program through the December 20, 2019 concert program have been placed on this site in a form conveniently readable on smartphones, not in a paper-centric pdf format. The excerpts do not include photographs or graphics that may have been present in the original programs. The excerpts may not include all non-programmatic prose (artist biographies, donor information, sponsor information), especially for the earliest concerts and for off season concerts.

If you need original programs instead of these online excerpts, contact James. Original programs are available as paper only, not pdf. Specify whether you want the original program without any corrections or with corrections. Corrections include last minute program changes, last minute artist changes, and corrections to names of artists, composers, pieces, and movements. If you find any errors, please email James.

Searching this archive

The performance data has also been extracted and is searchable in the following four ways:

  1. By artist

    This is sorted by artist, their instrument/role, composer, piece, and performance date. It links to the concert programs. This report may be useful to musicians for their résumés.

  2. By date

    This is sorted by performance date and venue. It links to the concert programs.

  3. By composer

    This is sorted by composer, piece, and performance date. It links to the concert programs.

  4. By venue

    This is sorted by venue, composer, piece, and performance date. It links to the original concert programs. This report may be helpful in avoiding repeating repertoire at the various run-out venues.

The above four reports are all the ways James could conceive of accessing the archival concert programs. If you have other ways you'd like to access the concert program data, please let James know.

Archive tasks yet to be completed

Missing concert programs

While the earliest data is from the August 17, 2012 concert program, there are many programs missing from the early years after that. Further, even if the pieces are know, some artists are missing. If you have Apple Pages or other word processing documents with those concert programs, that would be ideal. Less ideal, but viable would be PDF or paper programs: James will retype the data to recreate the concert programs. James would be grateful to receive concert programs dated prior to the August 17, 2012 concert program!

Ambiguous concert program entries

The various concert programs often refer to “selection”. If anybody has any recollection of what those selections were, that would help. You can see what's needed by going to the “By composer” link and viewing the “unknown” composer entries.

General corrections

For example, when pieces or orders were changed at the last minute. Again, James has no record of these.

Please email James with any corrections, additions, or suggestions. Thanks!